Age of Gladiators 2 Rome v1.1.26 - SiMPLEX

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Age of Gladiators 2 Rome — pretty good in its performance of the game project, presented to the world in the genre of the simulator, where you will go to the enchanting battles in the world of gladiators. Here you have to take up the full control and management of these or other representatives of the world of gladiators. You will have the opportunity to buy them, train and improve them, then send them to merciless battles, for which you will earn money. The graphics in the game are quite simple, but this only complements the overall atmosphere.

Claws of Furry upd.04.09.2018 - PLAZA

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Claws of Furry — the game took the best of Double Dragon and Streets of Rage, and also combined the fast paced modern games, classic beat’em and unusual humor. You will have to wade through fifty levels of pure chaos to save your mentor. Pump up your ninja skills to crush your enemies. And if you become lonely, you can call your friends or try other modes.

Moonfall Ultimate - PLAZA

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In the spring of 2017, the Slovak studio Fishcow released a two-dimensional sidescroller with elements of the role-playing game Moonfall. His hero, a knight, travels through the thirteen countries of the steampunk world Terra Nihil and exterminates everyone he sees. Among the opponents are insane robots, savages, huge bosses and other aggressive inhabitants. There is no plot, no goal in the game, but as the tasks and collection of notes and artifacts are completed, the history of this universe develops. Now the publishing house Wales Interactive is preparing to release the game Moonfall Ultimate. This is an improved edition of the same last year’s Moonfall, and it’s not too different from the original. The main innovation of the re-release is the existence of a cooperative mode, it is possible to unite with a friend on the local network. In addition, players will be able to play in an endless arcade mode. The developers have made a number of corrections and improvements.

Noahmund v1.2 - PLAZA

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Noahmund — Tactical RPG, which will surprise you with its visual component and symphonic soundtrack. Players are waiting for exciting tactical battles in real time with a wide range of opportunities for attack and defense. The game’s events tell the story of Galyne Angstrode and her comrades who want to stop the war between the kingdoms of Shinni and Salaber.

This game has been updated 4-09-2018, 06:15 to the latest version v1.2.


Battlefield 5 - SKIDROW

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Battlefield 5 — The new part of the Battlefield series, the release of which is officially confirmed for 2018. The game is developed on the Frostbite engine and is dedicated to World War II. Battlefield 5 promises a much deeper gaming experience, thoughtful mechanics and gameplay capabilities: explosions will naturally scatter players in different directions, heavy shells will be able to flash obstacles through, support players will be able to install fortifications with additional stationary weapons — there are many novelties.
This game will soon be available for download on our website. This is only the announcement of the game, where you can see the screenshots, watch the trailer and read the description.

Train Sim World upd.04.09.2018 (Digital Deluxe Edition) - CODEX

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Train Sim World — a game in the genre of a simulator driver, where all actions will occur with a first-person view. Here you have to learn how to manage a variety of railway vehicles, on which you go to travel along the numerous roads of America. At your disposal are various freight trains, controlling which. You need to deliver the goods correctly and accurately on time from one destination to another. The developers made every effort to make the game process as realistic as possible, which they successfully managed. Here you really have the opportunity to become a real machinist, who will take control of every, even the smallest detail. Go on an exciting adventure with interesting tests and a lot of opportunities. where you can be the best in your business.